Looking to the future. While the COVID-19 pandemic caused severe turbulence in the civil aviation sector, grounding many airliners, the business aviation sector weathered the crisis more calmly. This is a safer, more direct and faster route, and is also fully adapted to the health security guidelines for the fight against the coronavirus.

These advantages are being emphasised by the management of Payerne Airport as the civil airport infrastructure in the city of Geneva, which is managed by swiss aeropole SA with the assistance of the Speedwings Business SA handling team, resumes operation. Border crossings to and from Payerne will be fully operational again from Monday 8 June.

“Before this crisis, it was already clear to us that personalised service and security were our priorities,” insists Guillaume Chassot, Director of Payerne Airport. “The COVID-19 crisis has reinforced this approach. We have been able to rely on our partners in Payerne and that is a big advantage. When a problem arises, our experts are on site and can provide a tailor-made solution.

In other words, Payerne Airport opens the doors of the world to you more than ever before, according to its managers, with business aviation emerging as an effective solution to enable company directors and managers to travel easily and in complete safety.

“Reaching more than 1,200 destinations in Europe by direct flight tailored to your needs is a key asset. Travelling in small groups with people you know is another added value that business aviation brings to our customers today,” adds Peter Kupferschmied, Executive Chairman of swiss aeropole AG.

Payerne Airport is thus a solid tool for the regional economy and its development. Regaining access to international markets, where Switzerland earns one franc in two, will be easier, faster and more flexible. At the same time, the clients of these same local companies will be able to land at Payerne and meet them directly in one of the meeting rooms at the airport.

Peter Kupferschmied, Executive Chairman swiss aeropole SA

swiss aeropole SA is the authority for the civil airport of Payerne.