Getting established

Set up criteria

Aeropole 1

Companies connected more or less directly to the aerospace industry. Companies will have direct access to the 2.8 km long runway.

Set up criteria

Aeropole 2

Companies connected more or less directly to the aerospace industry, or creating a significant number of high-added-value or innovating jobs.

Coming soon: ENVERGURE

– 6'500m3 drone hall
– Private offices / workshop
– Modular according to your needs
– Invest in this project



Are you thinking about setting up your business without a hitch? We have the perfect solution for you. With our domiciliation service, you will benefit from a postal address with a P.O. box, which is the first step towards a successful establishment on our technology park. You will also have free access to our conference rooms, accordingt to availability.

For just 170.- (VAT included) per month, you will be part of the dynamic community of swiss aeropole, where you can share your ideas and enjoy an collaborative environment.



Take now advantage of our co-working space and enjoy a productive working environment at the heart of our community. Included benefits:
  • Full IT services: phone, printer, and Wifi
  • Your own desk for exclusive use
  • Access badge for flexible working hours
  • Private locker to secure your personal belongings
  • Free access to our meeting rooms, according to availability
For just 375.- (excl. tax) per month, you will be part of the dynamic community, fostering collaboration and synergy in our shared spaces.


3.Private office

If you’re looking for private office space to grow your business, we have the perfect solution. With over 3,000m2 of space, we can create a workspace tailored to your needs.

Here’s what we offer:

  • Full IT services including phone, printer, and WiFi.
  • Access badge for convenient entry at any time.
  • Full access to our meeting rooms, subject to availability.
  • Parking spaces for you and your team members.
  • Fully furnished premises for a hassle-free set-up.

Experience a functional and professional working environment by choosing our private office solution. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and start setting up in our technology park.

Here are the latest availabilities:

Type (fitted or unfitted office, etc.) Floor Space Availability
Raw concrete space1st floor181m2
(or less)
To be agreed
Raw concrete space1st floor192m2
(or less)
To be agreed
Raw concrete space2nd floor180m2
(or less)
To be agreed
Raw concrete space2nd floor335m2
(or less)
To be agreed
Raw concrete space2nd floor347m2
(or less)
To be agreed


4.Building land

Are you considering setting up your business in your own premises?

We can offer you 100,000m2 of land with direct access to the runway and an additional 200,000m2 of land without runway access.

We have the flexibility to adapt a portion of this land according to your specific needs. Whether you want to construct a bespoke building or develop a specific infrastructure, we are ready to work with you to make your project a reality.


Want to invest in a green and/or innovative business or even a rental building? Contact us, and we'll direct you to our companies that need you!