emerging idea

In the 1980s, the Canton Vaud Council aimed to integrate civilian flights into the military airfield of Payerne, but that didn’t happen. About a decade later, Payerne Air Base became a driving force for the region, generating employment opportunities. Recognizing the potential for further growth, especially in the business aviation sector, political authorities saw an opportunity to create more economic development. The concept of Aeropole was born, with the goal of leveraging the airport and the technology and business park to drive regional development. In 2013, the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) granted the operating rights.From then on, the site was managed by the Municipality of Payerne and the Regional Community of Broye (COREB).



In 2010, the military airport of Payerne wrote an important chapter in aviation history by hosting the very first test flight of Solar Impulse, the iconic solar-powered aircraft. Payerne made a significant contribution to the development and validation of this revolutionary technology, showcasing Switzerland’s commitment to sustainable aerospace innovation.


First company

In 2015, Groupe E became the first company to establish its presence at Aéropôle 2, leading to the creation of 40 jobs in the region.

Groupe E, apart from being an electricity producer and distributor, stands out for its comprehensive, intelligent, and sustainable energy solutions. As a leader in the field, Groupe E offers innovations and services that address current energy needs while promoting the transition to a more sustainable future.



In 2016, Payerne celebrated the inauguration of its civilian tarmac, marking a new milestone in the airport’s development. That same year, the airport welcomed its first business flight.

SolarStratos chose Payerne as its home and conducted its first test flight the following year, which was a resounding success.


150 new jobs

The Boschung Group chose to establish itself in Payerne, leading to the creation of 150 jobs in the region. This establishment marks a major turning point for the Payerne Technology Park, as it begins its ascent.

Boschung is a key player in surface maintenance, with particular expertise in the airport sector. Through its innovative solutions, the Boschung Group contributes to ensuring the safety and performance of airport infrastructure, providing an optimal experience for passengers and airlines.


Creation of the company

In order to sustain this pace of development, the Municipality of Payerne and COREB jointly founded Swiss Aeropole SA on June 19, 2017. This company is tasked with overseeing the operations of the airport and developing the technology and business park.

Today, the Municipality of Payerne and COREB remain the sole shareholders of swiss aeropole SA, demonstrating their ongoing commitment to the development and growth of the region.


Payerne Airport

In 2019, the Payerne Airport building is inaugurated, divided into two distinct parts. The first part, owned by the municipality of Payerne, houses the business terminal and 3,000m2 of office space available for rent, specially designed for the park’s companies. The second part, owned by Anura SA, mainly comprises hangars for business jets.

These premises play a crucial role in accelerating the growth of the technology park,

offering immediately available rental space, as well as a significant increase in air traffic thanks to the increased movements of business jets and the new services offered by the Speedwings FBO.

Today, there are many exciting projects underway, and bright prospects for further development. However, our priority remains to satisfy and support the companies already present, while seizing the promising growth opportunities that lie ahead.