In Payerne, a new aviation company is aiming for zero carbon emissions

“Sky2Share will offer a novel model for business travel from 2024. Partner companies will buy shares in aircraft with reduced CO₂ emissions. At a time when videoconferencing and soft mobility are increasingly becoming part of our professional lives, business travel by jet, although flourishing, no longer has a very good reputation. Selim Franko has set […]

Payerne airfield: Daxair’s high-definition surveillance system deciphered

“An orange balloon shaped like an airship is rising in a hangar at the Payerne Aeropole. It is one of Daxair’s flagship observation products, and was presented to the press on Wednesday. Among other things, it can detect the outbreak of a fire over an area of between 100 and 200 km2. Founded in 2011 […]

Seduction through innovation

The Haute Ecole vaudoise d’ingénierie and Swiss Aeropole launch their collaboration Drones, satellites, ultralight materials and many other technologies will be at the heart of discussions this afternoon in Payerne.

Payerne Airport takes off thanks to business customers

Dedicated to private customers, the Broye airport platform will register a record number of flights in 2022. It is an important economic factor for the region. Payerne Airport takes off! In the last five years, the number of civil air movements (take-offs and landings) has risen from 296 to 1157. By 2022, the number of […]

Extension of civil flights on track

Five municipalities bordering the military airfield must approve an agreement to unblock the file. The corset defining the civil flight schedule at Payerne airfield should soon be relaxed. While swiss aeropole SA (SASA) recently announced the doubling of flights in recent months compared to 2020, the company also mentioned that “based on the first years […]

Mikhail Kokorich and the Payerne rocket plane

The Russian opponent fled his country, then the United States where he claimed to be the victim of a witch hunt, for Switzerland. But he did not do so without founding a company to fly hydrogen-powered vehicles at 15 times the speed of sound without emitting CO2. He has just raised 30 million dollars The […]

A new company for the Aeropole

Supra Group SA, a precision machining company for the automotive industry, wants to build a factory in Payerne The Aéropôle, the Payerne technology park which currently has four buildings and around thirty companies, is preparing to welcome a new resident. Supra Group SA, a precision machining company……. Source: 24 heures, December 2021 Article