About us


Board of Directors


His experience as a former member of skyguide's board, a former fighter pilot in the Swiss Air Force and an aviation expert gives him the skills he needs to drive swiss aeropole SA.

Urs Ryf
Executive Chairman

As a member of the Vaud Parliament and Syndic of Payerne, Christelle Luisier Brodard is working to develop the Aéropôle site so that it becomes a driving force for the region.

Christelle Luisier

Director of the Regional Community of Broye, Pierre-André Arm has been involved in the project for years, promoting it and defending the project until the company becomes a reality.

Pierre-André Arm

Municipal de Payerne in charge of Urban Planning, Works and the Abbatiale, André Bersier provides support and develops contacts between residents and the municipality of Payerne.

André Bersier

Executive Team


A former expert in flight procedures at Skyguide, then head of the civil aerodrome in Payerne, his profile allows him to ensure Payerne Airport's operations, as well as respond to airport security questions.

Guillaume Chassot
Director Payerne Airport

An economist by education, Massimo Fiorin joined the cockpit for the development of the technology park at the Aéropôle de Payerne site.

Massimo Fiorin
Director Business Park

After a Master's degree in Business Administration, Laura Jan du Chêne strengthens the team by taking care of administrative, coordination and communication tasks.

Laura Jan du Chêne
Executive Assistant